A New Insurtech Has Sprouted

In the wintery forest, between evergreen and deciduous trees a snow-filled path with footprints.
A walk in the woods; Conestogo, Ontario, Canada (Image Copyright © 2021, Leon Punambolam)
A wintery scene with a stream adjoined by trees and surrounded by snow-filled ground with footprints.
A walk in the woods (cont’d); Conestogo, Ontario, Canada (Image Copyright © 2021, Leon Punambolam)

The Prelude

You’ll see Eric’s post where he talks about the precipitation of the idea. In a nutshell, he left his prior company and its group life insurance policy, ended up needing minor surgery, signed his informed consent and while gowned up and waiting, searched online for the risk of dying during his surgery. As Eric was searching, he couldn’t find a quick, on-demand and affordable way to insure himself and ensure his family was taken care of should the unthinkable occur. He came out of the surgery perfectly fine, yet the risk and eerie feeling stuck with him.

Enter Samos

The name “Samos” further reinforces that our solution is fundamentally based on data. What’s in a name you ask? For you history buffs, Samos is a Greek island in the east Aegean Sea, just off the coast of modern-day Turkey and the birthplace of the celebrated mathematician Pythagoras.

A cartoon depiction showing a friendly physician in a lab coat with a clipboard in hand, standing beside a patient smiling in lying in a hospital bed.
Enter Samos Insurance

Notable Insurance Industry Facts

Let’s not forget that the global insurance industry is a behemoth with forecasted premiums to exceed USD 7 trillion this year.

A bar chart escalating to show the years 2018–2022 culminating to 7 Trillion above the 2022 bar. Also an overlaying statement for 40% uninsured and underinsured market.
Global insurance industry growth (yet a significant underinsured market remains)

First Of Its Kind

Everything from my prior endeavours in the Insurance sector was starting to culminate here.

A illustration showing cartoon rendered generic males and females showing a variety of quotes as well as specific surgery procedure names.
Conclusive feedback from Customers heading into surgeries

Only The Beginning

Everyone deserves to feel protected and have peace of mind for themselves and their families. Surgery insurance was our way to help build inroads into protecting people and their families and make it simple and financially inclusive.



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